Winners’ Gallery

In this page you can find the names other details photographs etc. of competitors who had won first prize in competitions conducted by the federation.

KB Nair

K.Balakrishnan Nair Kozhikode.

Winner of Anjam Trophy 2012. Abraham Award 2002

Occupation : Mason’s helper.





P.M.Chandramathy .Winner of Abraham Award 1998.Anjam Trophy 2016. Retd Teacher







Winner – Anjam Trophy 2013

P.Veeraraghavan Nair; Winner of Anjam Trophy 2013 & 2015








Winner – Abraham Award 1995

K.S Nair  Winner of Abraham Award 1995

Retd. Sub Inspector; CBI







Ariyannur Unnikrishnan Winner of Abraham Award 2003

Retd. Engineer




Aksharaslokam              V Chandrashekara Warrier; Winner of Gurupadar Trophy 2013 & 2016(Jan)



Kerala Aksharaslokam

K. Shankara Narayanan, Kozhikode. Born 1932. Occupation : Asst. Secretary , Co-Op. Urban Bank Kozhikode (retd.). Secretary, Kozhikode Aksharasloka Samithi since 1968. Winner of Shakthan Thampuran Cup 2004



Kerala Aksharaslokam    K.H. Shankara Narayanan Namboothiri , Winner of Sakthan Thampuran Cup 2003.Retd.Military Priest



V.K.V Menon    V. K. V. Menon, Winner of Sakthan Thampuran Cup 2005







K.P.K.Nambisan  Sreekrishnapuram. Winner of Abraham Award 2001







K.Narayana Menon  Winner of Abraham                                            Award 2004

Born 1938. Trichur. Retd Engineer KSEB.








C.Sunitha Santhakumar.  Winner of Sakthan Thampuran Cup 2001.  Occupation : Pharmacist.







K.R.Meera.(Age 13 years.)  Winner of Anjam Trophy 2014. Our youngest winner in any adult competition. Occupation : Student 9th  std.







Thankam K . Moossad. Peruvanam.  Winner of Sakthan Thampuran Cup 1998. Occupation House wife.








Vaikkam Vivekanandan.  Winner of Abraham Award 2000.



VK Balakrishna Pillai




V.K.Balakrishnapillai  Manjummal.    Winner of Abraham Award and Valiya  Koyithampuran Trophy.








K.Kesavan Namboothiri, Vadakara. Born 1943. Occupation ; School Master (retd.)  Winner of Narayaneeyam competition  2014.
KM Narayanan Namboothiri




K.M. Narayanan Nampoothirippad. Thiruvananthapuram. Occupation : Priest. Winner of Gurupadar Trophy 2014



Thankam Gopalakrishnanpalakrishnan. Winner Narayaneeyam Competition 2015




A.Rajalakshmy      Winner Narayaneeyam Competition  2016



P.K.Gopinathan        Winner Gurupadar Trophy  Dec 2016



K.N Prabhakaran Nair

K.N.Prabhakaran Nair,   Kottayam. Aksharasloka Instructor, Amritha Vidyalayam, Changanassery. Winner of Gurupadar Trophy 2018


K.V Kunjikrishna Marar

K.V Kunjikrishna Marar, Payyanur. Winner of Anjam Trophy 2018.

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